Jack Broyles

Seminar Overview


In 2010, Jack started creating  “The Alzheimer’s Tsunami”.
Upon completion, Jack began speaking nationwide to advisors and their clients on Alzheimer’s disease. “The Alzheimer’s Tsunami” is a powerful presentation that lays out the physical, mental, emotional, and financial ramifications of Alzheimer’s disease for the families it affects.

In 2017 Jack created “Elder Financial Abuse.” An estimated $50 Billion a year flows out of retirement plans as a result of financial abuse. Reduced financial capability coupled with social isolation may present a greater risk to a retirement plan than volatile markets.  As an advisor, what action should you take? How can you protect your clients and loved ones? This training includes why seniors are targeted, the warning signs and how to protect your clients and families.


Handouts for Download:

AV Requirements

Jack’s Presentation has interactive videos with an audio element.
Advisors will need to arrange for a projector with audio capabilities.

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