Jack Broyles


“Jack Broyles is a great storyteller and he is now telling the most important story he has ever told. The growing tsunami about to crash across every Financial Advisor’s desk is Alzheimer’s disease. Perhaps you have one or more clients who have received this chilling diagnosis. If not, you will. As the trusted family advisor, you will be involved and you will be expected to take action. What are your obligations? What actions must you take? Should you have this discussion now with every client in preparation for that awful day? What should you tell them?

To answer all these questions and more, contact Jack. Jack knows. He is a thirty year veteran of the Financial Services industry. He was by his mother’s side, from beginning to end, as she struggled with Alzheimer’s. He is the Chairman Emeritus of the Alzheimer’s Association – Greater Dallas Chapter.

You need to know this story and there are few people, if any, as qualified as Jack Broyles to tell it to Financial Advisors.

Don’t wait until you have to find out. Find out now.”

Don Connelly
Founder & CEO
Don Connelly & Associates, LLC


“It was one of the best presentations I have seen in a long time!  It gets very boring listening to each company pitch their best fund and to hear the reasons why.  It was nice to see something a little outside the box and it also served as a great head’s up for identifying Alzheimer’s Disease.  I engaged in a client conversation on my first call back with the client’s son, informing him of his decline.  With the help of the info from Jack’s breakout, I was able to lead the conversation and guide their family in the right direction.  Again, thank you for not cramming more mutual fund performance numbers down out throats like everyone else and offering a way to learn about something that every advisor needs to know.

Brian M, Shambo, CIMA, CFP
Wealth Management Advisor
Senior Vice President
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated


“I recently had the privilege of attending Jack Broyles’ outstanding presentation dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease at the Merrill Lynch Advanced Continuing Education Symposium in Orlando, Florida. It was one of the most educational and valuable presentations I have ever heard. Jack Broyles spoke from the head and from the heart, having dealt with this progressive, degenerative disorder in his own family, and how he, his father, and his siblings made the decision to care for his mother at home throughout the illness.

I now have a better understanding of the condition, how it develops, and how it progresses. I have subsequently read his father’s book, “Coach Broyles Playbook for Alzheimer’s Caregivers”.  I have used it, as well as the knowledge Jack imparted in his presentation, in relating to the families of two clients who have recently been diagnosed with the disorder.

Jack’s presentation has had a lasting impact on  me, and I thank Merrill Lynch and American Beacon Advisors for making Jack available to us.”

Michael J. McGowen, WMA
First Vice President- Wealth Management, Wealth Management Advisor
The Atkinson McGowen Harris Team at Merrill Lynch


“I have known Jack for 15 years. I first met Jack when he was my AIM wholesaler in the late 90’s. From the very first lunch meeting, I knew I would be working with Jack as long as we both were alive. Jack is one of the few wholesalers that I ALWAYS looked forward to talking with. When I asked other advisors if they sold the AIM funds, if they said no, I told them to do it just for Jack if for no other reason!

Jack is the best in front of a group I have ever seen. Bar none. I have heard hundreds, maybe thousands of speakers over my 30 year business career; Jack is the best. He has that delicate balance of great researched information with an amazing gift to clearly communicate the depth of the message with clarity and humor. I have hosted many events where Jack was the speaker, and not only did I always do business with clients immediately afterwards, but the guests at that event  wanted to know when Jack would be back again. Rare, very rare.

Now that Jack is speaking on a very personal and profound topic, it somehow ups the impact even more. Book Jack Broyles today. It will be an event you will harvest great returns from for years!”

Rex Russell
Wealth Advisor Marketing

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